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Disparate business systems leads complex equipment fabricator to
implement integrated Finesse ERP software.



Enhanced Systems and Services new software will allow IFS to more intelligently deploy resources, better manage cost overruns and keep their company running at top shape.

Denver, Colorado (PRWeb) December 8, 2006 -- Enhanced Systems & Services, Inc. ? (Denver, Colo.), the leading vendor of ERP software (enterprise resource planning) for project-oriented manufacturers, today announced that Integrated Flow Solutions has selected Finesse ERP software to replace its existing ERP system.

Mike Madison, CFO of Integrated Flow Solutions (IFS), explains, “IFS spent over a year searching for software to meet the requirements of all our operating divisions. In particular, our engineer-to-order division was difficult to fit as every order contains multiple scheduling challenges. One of the attractive features of Finesse was the tight integration of a schedule to material requirements. The ability to notify purchasing to reschedule major material receipts when the production schedule changes means we won’t have $1,000,000 of equipment sitting on the floor nine months before it is actually used, as has happed to us in the past. We have a very flexible workforce and Finesse scheduling offers us the opportunity to easily reallocate people from one resource pool to another to accomplish the necessary delivery commitment.”

The company expects to see the new system pay for itself in two years.

“Our primary cost justification for the system is the way in which Finesse supports the RFQ process for purchasing, and its ability to easily generate multiple quotes on equipment. We anticipate a 2% savings on 10% of the materials we buy. The savings from this one feature will result in a 24 month payback. The fact that vendors can respond to our RFQ’s via the net will reduce our customer quoting effort and assist us to streamline our sales and engineering processes,” Madison said. “We will use this opportunity to install data collection equipment to track labor and job charges. This will eliminate a significant amount of manual effort handling time cards for both payroll and job cost purposes. Labor hours and job cost can be entered remotely over the internet for our on-site workforce.”

IFS says the new software helps them make sure costs remain as predicted.

“Real-time project reporting will be instrumental in controlling budget vs. actual costs. Finesse will alert us when any project task exceeds its budget so we can correct the situation immediately. This can mean the difference between profitable projects and those that end up in the red. The fact we can extract all data for ad-hoc queries and custom reports will also contribute to our profitability,” Madison said.

Finesse will let IFS please both their financial and their tax accountants.

“We have a fairly complex legal entity structure. Finesse is one of the only products we have seen that will permit us to consolidate one way for accounting purposes and a different way for tax purposes. This reporting flexibility will come in very useful as we look at the complex reporting requirements of our distribution group, Best PumpWorks. They need to track profitability by OEM, by salesman, by branch, by strategic business unit, and of course, by division,” Madison says.

Best PumpWorks also is heavily involved in the service and repair business. “Finesse contains a web-based field service and depot repair module that is very promising. As we grow this part of the business, it will be very useful to have the right tools to make that growth easier to manage and more profitable. We need to be able to tell our customers when we can deliver and know that there are no bottlenecks that will prevent us from meeting those delivery requirements. Finesse offers us the ability to schedule in such a fashion that no work center is loaded in excess of what it can produce. If we are overloaded, it will identify the overloaded resources and allow us time to find alternate ways of handling that process (such as outsourcing),” said Madison.

IFS is confident that Finesse offers them the perfect software solution.

Madison concludes, “Finesse was selected first for its ability to meet the needs of our complex engineer to order division. It also meets the needs of our distribution and remanufacturing businesses. The fact that the accounting appears to be a piece of cake is really cool.”

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