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Keep customer orders in perfect order.
If it's true that everything has a price, it might be argued that the price of being unable to manage customer orders could be your business. But no matter how complex those orders may be, the powerful and versatile Finesse Customer Order Entry modules puts you in complete control of both the distribution and manufacturing systems requirements.

Flexible and familiar.
Using familiar pop-up windows, online help and power keys, Finesse makes high-productivity data entry and retrieval easier than ever. Customer order alterations, allocations, picking and shipping are all handled quickly online. And because pricing structures vary, Finesse provides extensive options that include contract, group and promotional pricing as well as discounts and quantity breaks. Any and all of which will be controlled by your effective dates. You can even maintain a complete sales catalog with the capability to configure orders and quotations.

Add in Customer Order Entry's powerful sales analysis tool sand seamless integration with all of the Finesse modules and you easily keep all of your customer orders in perfect order.

Module Highlights


  • Multi company, customer, salesperson, billing address, shipping address, sales area capabilities

  • Multi project, plant and warehouse capabilities

  • User-defined data

  • Sales catalog/part interface

  • Run inquiries including: detail, pinpoint, customer order entry, scroll and summary

  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats


  • Ability to generate customer invoices during order entry

  • Rules-based product configurator with user-defined features and options

  • Product options and dependencies

  • Order picking, shipping and carrier information

  • Stock from locations

  • Substitute, obsolete, supercede products

  • Four unit of measure conversions for each part


  • Credit limits

  • Customer part number cross-reference, purchase order history and credit ratings

  • Define active and inactive customers


  • Customer-specific, group, quantity, volume and promotional pricing

  • Handle quotes, standard and non-standard discounts and payment terms and time-phase quantity breaks

  • Handle tax codes, calculations and exemptions

  • Phase-in/out effective dates


  • Automatic customer order and line number tracking

  • Lost orders tracking

  • Multi "ship to" addresses for each order

  • Online priority quantity reserve

  • Order status

  • Partial shipments

  • Projected order schedules


Contact control from sales to service.
There's no sale without customer and prospect contact. And you can't make contact without the right information. The Contact Management subsystem solves both issues.

Flexible contact, fast follow-up.
Telemarketers using Contact Management can easily compose and update daily call lists and then use them to promote specific products using your scripts. By keeping information at their fingertips, Finesse allows your salespeople to compose, provide and print estimates and quotations --fast. Order transformation is completed with a single keystroke. Finesse also records form letter codes right in the customer/ prospect record so the correct correspondence can be generated automatically from your word processing program.

No guessing, no mistakes.
This program leaves nothing to chance. Pertinent customer information such as purchase history, open order status, A/R status and previous conversation notes, is available on the main screen. You can also record unlimited notes specific to each contact, allowing this versatile module to work as a customer service tracking system for complaints, problem logging, resolution and follow up.

Module Highlights


  • Unlimited user-defined fields

  • Track lead source

  • Query on any field

  • Group customers and prospects

  • Rate and analyze prospects potential

  • Handle multiple contacts and shipping addresses


  • Call back alert by hour, day and telemarketer

  • Daily call list and call list by telemarketer

  • Telemarketing scripts

  • Date sensitive comments


  • On-screen AR history, open order status and customer purchase history

  • Unlimited and previous contact notes

  • Auto-generate correspondence


  • Single keystroke order entry

  • Compose customer estimates, quotes and orders

  • Drop ship direct to customer

  • Multiple salespeople and commission splits per order

  • Credit card payments


Building strong customer relations.
A key part of Customer Order Entry, this subsystem helps you ensure that your products perform continuously...and that you build the strong, lasting relationships that translate into long-term customer loyalty

You're covered coming and going.
This web-based subsystem provides you with streamlined methods for both outbound field service and incoming return material authorization. To help you track repairs and support your quality assurance program, Finesse automatically routes service calls to the designated technician along with the current product configuration and service history. When the work is completed, the program automatically updates the customer master file, records actual time and materials, reason for failure and generates an Invoice if the equipment is beyond the Warranty period.

For RMA repairs, Finesse automatically creates and routes work orders to fix specific product failures. At the same time, the system will accumulate costs so you can evaluate the labor and materials required to service and track in and out of warranty products.

Module Highlights


  • User-definable information

  • Customer credit status checking


  • Credit card payment

  • Cost repair estimates and billing

  • Customer pricing matrix

  • Invoicing for out-of-warranty repair


  • Product type, failure and repeat repair analyses

  • Required materials

  • Auto-create work orders and assign personnel

  • Schedule and route repairs


  • Record customer complaint

  • Schedule and issue service orders

  • Repair inventory

  • Record actual time and materials


  • Serial number tracking

  • Warranty analysis/validation

  • Issue and receive RMA

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